Prague , the capital of the Czech Republic, is one of the most popular stag do destinations. Prague has an amazing nightlife which makes it a great fit for your stag night - there are a lot of bars and clubs, strip clubs, and a lot of restaurants in the city centre. There is so much you can do during your stag weekend in Prague. For your Prague stag do, you can pick from various stag activities - some of the most popular ones are bar crawls, escape rooms, stag arrest, or steak & strip. To add some fun to your Prague stag night, consider including some stag do pranks  - roly poly, dwarf hire, or stag arrest are the most popular ones. Prague is very popular among stag groups and ranks among the best places for bachelor party in Europe.

If you want to make the most of your stag do weekend, find accommodation in the city centre. Wenceslas square is a great area for stag do party - you can find various top rates clubs and bars and can easily find a great restaurant. If you want to sample Czech beer, there are a lot of pubs in the area. Prague is easily accessible from various European cities and you can always find some reasonably priced flights. If you stay within the city centre, everything is walking distance or you can use various means of public transportation to move around town.