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Boozer Cruise


  • 60-minute River Cruise
  • Guide and Captain
  • Unlimited Beer

Duration: 60 mins
Number of people: 10 - 30
47 € / person

Private boat hire is always a great option for any party in Prague. Enjoy the privacy of being the only group on the boat and unlimited beer. This popular activity also gives you an opportunity to explore Prague from a different angle. You do not have to deal with any crows of people as you are floating undisturbed on the Vltava river. To enjoy the best views, you can relax in the open rooftop seating area.

Bachelor party weekend should be all about having fun with your friends. Being on a boat and enjoying unlimited beer will become your favorite memory of the trip. To make things easy, our local guide will pick you up and take you to the boat. Because you are renting the entire boat, this activity is a perfect option for any group size. Life does not get better than being on a boat and relaxing - it is not something you get to do every day, is it? Leave your daily stress behind you when you board, grab a beer and enjoy the private boat rental with your friends.


Best Boozer Cruise in Prague!