Two Policemen
Stag police arrest
Police car
Round of beers
Strip show

379 € / group

Stag Arrest Is the Best Stag Do Prank in Prague

Stag police arrest is one of the most popular stag do pranks – this stag do activity is not for everybody. While your stag group is enjoying Prague, your group will be stopped by "police officers". The stag will be questioned due to some problem in the area where the group is stopped. He will be asked to show his id, but he is not able to provide it and is taken to the “police station” for further questioning. The stag is handcuffed and blindfolded and taken to a private room of a club or restaurant where the rest of the group is waiting.

To his surprise, instead of further questions he enjoys a 15-minute performance of an exotic dancer. This stag do prank is a perfect addition to your Prague stag party. Although the stag might still be stressed out from the whole experience, the stunning strip show should be a great reward for being a good sport. Stag arrest is probably one of the the most popular Prague stag do pranks and should be considered if you want to have some fun during your stag do weekend in Prague.


Number of people
4 - 30

60 mins