77 € / person


Steak and chips
3 beers for each person
Stag police arrest
Strip show
Dwarf hire for one hour
Welcome drink

Best Stag Do Package in Prague!

Our Full Monty stag do package has all you need to have an amazing party weekend Prague. We included the most popular stag activities in Prague - steak dinner, stag arrest with stripshow, and 1-hour dwarf hire. You can setup the activities in any order, but we recommend you start with a steak meal at a great restaurant in the centre of Prague. Following the tasty meal, we will serve up a heavy portion of fear for the stag!
Two ,,policemen“ will arrest the stag for a random reason - most commonly for not being able to show his guessed it, you will need to take it from him to make it work. After some questioning, the stag is blindfolded and brought back to the restaurant for further "questioning". Fortunatelly, the rest of the group is waiting there in the privacy of a separate room. Once the stag opens his eyes, the sexy strip show starts. Although this stag do prank is not for everybody, it is probably most of the popular pranks in town.

The final activity in this great stag party package is 1-hour dwarf hire. During the hour, the dwarf will accompany the stag wherever he goes. This can be a great addition to either of the previous activities or a perfect option if you decide to also add a guided pub/bar crawl - although this activity is not included, booking a pub crawl will make for one amazing stag weekend.

Number of people

Number of people
8 - 30

All night long