Dwarf guide for 1 hour
Costume according to your preference
Welcome drinks at our bar

229 € / group

Most Popular Dwarf Hire in Prague

Dwarf hire is one of the stag do classic activities and is a great choice for any group size. Hiring a dwarf to accompany your stag group during your Prague stag do is one of the most popular additions to a stag do weekend. The dwarf will be handcuffed to the stag and will follow him anywhere – bar, dance floor, and well, you guessed it, even the bathroom. If you want to have a great time in Prague, this is a great choice for your stag party. Dwarf hire is probably most fun if enjoyed along with our bar crawl.

There are various costumes for the dwarf: Superman, Batman, Robin, Star Wars and many more. Let us know which one you prefer during the booking process. This activity starts at 1 hour, but you can book more time if desired to maximise the fun during your weekend in Prague. It is one of the customer favourites, so it has been enjoyed many times before.



Number of people
1 - 30

60 mins