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Beer Bike


  • Driver
  • Guide
  • 3 beers per person
  • Music
  • 60 mins ride
  • Transfer

Duration: 60 mins
Number of people: 8 - 15
499 € / group

Beer bike is a popular group activity and is a great addition to your stag weekend in Riga. The activity lasts 1 hour and you will be treated to 3 beers per person - with this duration, you should be able to fit it in even a very busy bachelor party itinerary. To set the tone of your stag party, feel free to bring your own music to play during this ride through the sound system. One hour might not seem like enough, but for this activity it is the right amount of time. Due to the location, you will be able to continue with the party once you get off the bike.

Booking beer bike for your stag weekend is a great option for any group size - from small groups to large groups (up to 12 people). You will be able to listen to music, enjoy time with your friends, have some beer and enjoy little sightseeing while in Riga for your bachelor party. This is an amazing stag activity for a sunny day when you want to spend time outside and enjoy some sun. Beer bikes have become a popular stag party activity and it would be great if you include it in your itinerary - you will not regret as this is a perfect group activity.

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