Riga, Latvia's capital on the Baltic Sea, is a popular stag destination in Europe and has hosted some epic stag weekends over the years. This great city has all that you need for a great party weekend - many bars, clubs, and nightclubs within the city center. When planning your party weekend, make sure to start planning sooner rather than later as this location is gaining popularity.

If you are party planning and need some recommendations, the following are some of the more popular stag activities: pub/bar crawl, paintball, beer bike, and strip hire (or sexy wake up). However, you can find all the activities you are used to seeing in the top bachelor party destinations.

If you are looking for some unique activities for an unforgettable stag party, you can enjoy tank driving or stag arrest (stag kidnapping). There are some many things to do that your group will definitely have a great time during your party weekend. Riga gained a popularity for bachelor party long time ago, but recently it started to gain popularity again. See for yourself and you will not be leaving this great city disappointed. Our customer service team looks forward to working with you and creating great memories for you and your friends.