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Stag Arrest


  • Fake arrest of the stag by 2 police officers
  • Strip show
  • Strip club entry
  • 1 beer

Duration: 30 mins
Number of people: 4 - 30
379 € / group

For you Wroclaw bachelor party, stag arrest is probably one of the most popular stag party pranks there is. When you group is enjoying a fun evening in the city, you are approached by 2 fake "police officers" and your group is questioned for some reason. The stag is obviously questioned the most and is asked to present some form of identification. He is not able to provide any form of ID, thanks to somebody from your group hiding it. He is taken to a "police station" aka private room of a club or restaurant for further questioning.

The stag is blindfolded and handcuffed and is escorted to a private room where he can think about what type of trouble he is in. Once the rest of the group joins, the fun can start. When his blindfold is removed, he realises that instead of further questions he will get to enjoy a sexy 15-minute performance of an exotic dancer. This can be a very stressful experience, but the stunning strip show should be an amazing award for the stag and the entire group. It is safe to say that your group will be talking about this stag do prank long after it happened. This is one of the popular stag weekend pranks and definitely one of the more popular stag activities.

Best Stag do Prank in Wroclaw