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Stag Arrest


  • 2 fake police officers
  • Entry to a strip club
  • 15-minute performance of an exotic dancer

Duration: 30 mins
Number of people: 4 - 30
399 € / group

There is probably no better stag do prank than stag kidnapping aka fake arrest. Prior to entering a club, the stag is arrested by 2 fake police officers after being questioned and thrown into back of their car. One of his friends usually joins just to make sure all is going as planned and to tell the rest of the group about it. They are then taken for a short ride around town to allow for the rest of the group to walk over to a strip club.

The stag is later escorted to a private room where the rest of the bachelor party group awaits. That is when the show starts and the group is treated to a stunning performance of an exotic dancer. Stag arrest is a great option if you want to prank the stag during your stag weekend in Warsaw. The groom-to-be is usually blindfolded which adds to the fun - although this is not an activity for everybody to handle, it is one of the crazier stag party pranks. If you are looking for some stag do ideas and think the stag can handle this, look no further - as this is probably one of the unforgettable stag night pranks that are offered in Warsaw.

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