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Stag Arrest


  • 2 fake police officers
  • Entry to a strip club
  • 15-minute performance of an exotic dancer

Duration: 30 mins
Number of people: 4 - 30
469 € / group

Fake arrest of the groom-to-be is probably the most popular stag party prank we offer in Krakow. Prior to entering a club, 2 fake police officers will question your group. The groom-to-be will not be able to present his ID, so he will be “arrested” and taken to “police station”.One person is allowed to accompany the stag to the station. Ideally the person that is in on the whole thing, so he can enjoy first hand how this prank turns out.

The catch is the stag has to be blindfolded and is only able to remove it once they get to the station. To his surprise, the only trouble he got into is having a fun group of friends who wanted to prank him – to make up for it, he is treated to a stunning strip show by an exotic dancer. The rest of the group will definitely enjoy the show also. When organising a stag weekend in Krakow, this stag do prank is worth including in your party itinerary.



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