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Brewery Dinner


  • German Food
  • Special beer from barrel
  • Guide
  • Reservation

Duration: 3 Hours
Number of people: 6 - 30
39 € / person

If you are looking for something unusual to do during your stag do in Cologne, dinner at a brewery is a great option. You will enjoy a table reservation at a brewery and will get to enjoy some great German food (1 large brewery plate per 4 people). You will also get to sample 0,2 l Kölsch straight from the barrel. You cannot do this every day, so take advantage of this unique experience during your stag party.

When planning a stag weekend in Cologne, this brewhouse dinner can be something different to try and could be a great start of a fun evening. You will enjoy a guided tour of a brewery and a tasty German dinner once the tour ends. After the meal, you can choose to stay at the brewery longer or you can just move on to other stag activities. This is a perfect combination of trying amazing food and great beer - all at a real brewhouse located in center Cologne. This way you do not need to worry about getting there.

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