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Shooting - Basic


  • Indoor Shooting Range
  • 30 bullets, 3 guns ( UZI, MP5, Shotgung)
  • Return transfer
  • Simply Adventures Guide

Duration: 120 mins
Number of people: 8 - 30
69 € / person

Shooting experiences always show up on all best stag activities to include in your bachelor party lists. We are glad to be able to include a few varieties in our portfolio - hopefully you find one that fits your plans. Due to the popularity of shooting experiences as part of stag party weekends, we offer various shooting range stag activities in Budapest. This one is a great option for anybody (beginner or experienced shooter) and includes 30 shots from 3 different weapons. You will be able to try the following weapons - Uzi, MP5, and Shotgun. This is a good sample of some of the most popular weapons try try during your Budapest stag weekend.

Our guide will pick you up and accompany you during the transfer to the indoor shooting range. Since you are using real guns, there will be a professional instructor to ensure everybody operates the weapons safely.

Visiting a gun range while in Budapest for your special weekend is a great opportunity to try something new - it is also one of the more popular stag activities. This activity takes place at an indoor shooting range. Our guide will accompany your group the entire time and return transfer is included. We also included one beer per person after the end of actual shooting - remember, safety first. As you can see, all to have a great time during this great stag weekend activity is included. We hope you enjoy this experience - if you are looking for more weapons to try, see some of the other packages we offer in Budapest.

Gun Shooting is a Perfect Option for a Stag Do