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VIP Bottle Service


  • Simply Adventures Guide
  • VIP Entry
  • VIP Lounge
  • Minimum Spend of 560 EURO

Duration: 120 mins
Number of people: 8 - 30
28 € / person

Enjoy an unforgettable experience in one of the best clubs in Bucharest. The service is consistently improving to become one of the best clubs in Eastern Europe. When you book this stag activity, you get the VIP pass and jump in front of hundreds of people queuing at the front door. Add a touch of VIP during the weekend and end up the night in one of the best clubs.

Booking this activity includes VIP guest list entry (no wait in line) and VIP lounge. Our guide will take care of everything and you will get a VIP lounge that accommodates up to 10 people. Enjoy some VIP treatment during your Bucharest stag party and party in style - the minimum spend for this bottle service is 560 EURO for the group.

Visit one of the best clubs in Bucharest - as a VIP!