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Dwarf Hire


  • Dwarf Hire for 60 mins

Duration: 60 mins
Number of people: 8 - 30
229 € / person

If you are for a traditional stag activity, it does not get better than dwarf hire. This activity is a perfect option or any group size. When you book, a dwarf entertainer will accompany your group for an hour wherever you go - restaurant, bar, or even strip club. It gets even better...The dwarf person is handcuff to the stag, so the stag is never alone. Your group will have a great time during the stag party - especially if you combine with guided pub crawl.

If there is a particular costume the dwarf entertainer should wear, let us know which one you prefer during the booking process. We will do our best to match the theme of your stag weekend with an appropriate costume. This activity starts at 1 hour, but you can book more time if desired to maximise the fun during your weekend in Bucharest. It is one of the customer favourites, so it has been enjoyed many times before. If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to reach out.

Upgrade your Bucharest bachelor party by hiring a dwarf entertainer!