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Dwarf Hire


  • Dwarf Hire for 60 mins

Duration: 60 mins
Number of people: 8 - 30
TDB € / person

Prepare for an hour of unforgettable fun with our Dwarf Hire in Amsterdam! We've arranged for our very own dwarf, dressed as Smurfette, to join your group and ensure an evening filled with laughter and mischief. Our Smurfette dwarf will be waiting for you at the bar, ready to handcuff herself to the stag and kick off an hour of laughter and wild antics.
With one shot per person and handcuffs included, you're in for a wild and entertaining experience that will be the highlight of your Amsterdam adventure. Be warned - our Smurfette loves karaoke and won't hesitate to drag the stag up on stage with her. Get ready to sing your hearts out and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Upgrade your Amsterdam bachelor party by hiring a dwarf entertainer!