Top 5 Prague Stag Party Drinking Activities


Top 5 Prague Stag Party Drinking Activities

Stag weekend is all about having a great time and drinking with your friends. Czech Republic is a great stag destination as it is known for various breweries - plus you can easily find good bars, clubs, and pubs anywhere in the country - especially in Prague's city centre. Pilsner Urquell is probably the most popular Czech beer, but there are a lot of smaller breweries where you can try some local craft beers. Below are top 5 beer related stag activities for your Prague bachelor party.


1) Guide Tour of a Brewery

Visit Prague's famous Staropramen brewery. You can get a private tour of the brewery and try some local foods afterword. Since you are at a brewery, all the meals go well with beer.


2) Beer Spa

There are many Beer Spas in Prague, so you can easily find them by searching online or booking with an agency. This is a great option for both small and larger groups and can be something new to try during your Prague stag weekend. We would recommend booking 2 hours, so you can fully recharge your batteries.


3) Beerhouse

If you want to enjoy the Czech liquid gold, make sure to visit some beer houses during your stag do in Prague. You can find a few between the Wenceslas Square and Old Town Square. The Dutch Pub or Jama are popular with stag groups and offer good tastings and are worth a visit.


4) Beer in the Strip Club

If you want to enjoy both good beer and adult entertainment during your stag night, stop by some of Prague's famous strip clubs. Goldfingers and Hot Peppers are the top 2 and are located on Wenceslas Square - the heart of nightlife in Prague.


5) Beer massage

Some places recently started offering beer massages. These are still hard to find, but ask at your hotel to get recommendations.