TOP 10 Best Stag Do Activities


There are so many things to consider when planning a bachelor party. The main decisions should be around the destination and activities. Booking a stag do package can make the booking process easier, but we think it can be more fun if you create the package yourself. For today, we will focus on selecting the perfect activities for your weekend. To make it easier for you, we compiled a list of top 10 activities that you can enjoy in almost any stag do destination. Stag do weekend is a great opportunity to celebrate friendship and have a good time with your friends. You should plan a stag party that is fun for both the groom to be and all the other group members. To further divide you stag do, think about it as daytime and nighttime activities. For night time look for local clubs, bars, and pubs where you can have few drinks and enjoy the local nightlife. For the daytime activities, we created the list below for some stag do ideas and inspiration.



1) Bubble Football

Bubble football (commonly referred to as Zorb football) is an ideal outdoor activity for your stag party. It is a perfect option to get some fresh air and add little competition and team spirit to your weekend.


2) River Cruise or Party Cycle Boat

River cruises or party cycle boats (only available in selected destinations) have become very popular group options. By hiring a private boat, you will enjoy privacy and will get to see the city from different angle.


3) Beer Bike

Beer bike has easily become one of the most popular stag party activities as it combines spending time outside with enjoying beer. If is a great option for a sunny day and possible another way to see the city you are visiting.


4) Gun Shooting

Shooting is a popular stack do activity as it lets you try many weapons that you have seen in action movies. If you never shot a gun before, try AK47 or shotgun. If you are a gun enthusiast, opt for trying weapons used by local armies or law enforcement.


5) Paintball

Paintball is a stag party classic - it is a great group activity and a lot of fun. It is a perfect option if you want to enjoy some battlefield like action and some friendly competition. In most cities, you can find both indoor and outdoor fields with various setups.


6) Dwarf Hire

Hiring a dwarf entertainer is good for your future luck as well as a fun addition to your stag do weekend. The dwarf entertainer can join your group for a pub crawl or other activities and you will be able to create some unforgettable memories during your stag night.


7) Pub Crawl

Pub and bar crawls are a perfect stag do option to explore local nightlife scene. Although you can do pub crawl on your own, you might benefit from booking a pub crawl with a local provider. The providers usually include free shots or few welcome drinks, which could make it a good deal.


8) Limos

If you want to enjoy partying in style, you have to include a limo hire in your stag party plans. Hummer limo hire is the most popular option, but you can upgrade your trip with other limos as well. To kick of your weekend in style, hire the limo as an airport transfer. To step it up, check if you can hire a stripper to perform during the limo transfer.


9) Go karting

Go Karting is a great activity to add some adrenaline to your weekend full of partying. You can finally settle who is the best driver in the group. Most tracks are usually located outside of the city centre, so make sure to check if transportation is included.


10) Pranks

It would not be a stag do weekend without some pranks. Stag arrest or Roly Poly hire are the best stag do pranks, but these might not be available in every destination. However, you can always find some fun pranks to humiliate the stag.


BONUS TIP:Click on the link to get some inspiration for fun drinking games.