Warsaw - July 2022


Welcome to our 2nd newsletter – we really hope you liked our first one dedicated to Barcelona. This month, we will honor another beautiful city in Europe – Warsaw (capital of Poland). We are happy to share some tips about this fun city in Poland. We received a lot of great feedback from the June newsletter, so we have incorporated some of it into this issue – we hope you enjoy the tips below and hopefully put them to good use when you visit Warsaw.

With summer vacations in full bloom, we you find this issue helpful – some of you might be part of the various groups we have hosted in Warsaw this year already or who might be joining us later this year – no worries, we still have some hidden tips from our amazing local guides.

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Popular Destination
Warsaw (Poland)

Warsaw is the capital of Poland and a very popular city to visit throughout the year – although most people prefer to visit during the summer due to sunny weather visiting in late spring or early fall are also great options. If you are a music fan, this city is a great destination for you with many concerts and classical music events- Frédéric François Chopin is one of the most famous residents of Warsaw. For history enthusiasts, there is so much history hidden in this city – 1944 uprising is specifically an important time that has shaped what the city is today. You can also find many microbreweries, restaurants and fun bars scatter around this beautiful city.

For All Cities:

  • Best Area to stay in – Śródmieście – the heart of Warsaw. The center of Warsaw is known for history, restaurants, and shopping. It is also very close to Powiśle
  • Unique tourist attraction – Warsaw Rising Museum – this museum is dedicated to 1944 Warsaw uprising and was opened 60 years after this event. It includes replica of Liberator B-24J which was used to provide supplies during the uprising for those fighting in Warsaw.
  • Local food to try – Pierogis – you cannot visit Poland without trying the traditional Polish dumplings. There are many varieties of this popular Polish food that everybody will find a flavor they enjoy.
  • Best Month to visit – July through September – if you want to enjoy the warm weather and avoid crowns, plan your visit for the end of August and into September
  • Unique event – Festival Chopin and His Europe – this music festival named after a famous Warsaw resident takes place in the 2nd part of August.
  • Signature drink – Vodka - Żubrówka Bison Grass Vodka is a popular flavored vodka made in Poland.
  • What not to do– Taxi scams - similar to some other cities in the region be careful when taking taxis from some popular tourist destinations. Unfortunately, there are still some drivers that try to take advantage of your limited knowledge of the area and exchange rates.
  • Best city view point – Roof Garden of Warsaw University Library – enjoy unique views of Warsaw from one of the largest roof gardens in Europe.
  • Best Rooftop Bar – The Roof Sky Bar – located on 21st floor of Crowne Plaza Hotel. Very stylish bar with great views, iconic drinks, and live music.