Prague - August 2022


We hope you are having a great summer so far and are living it up like the people that have decided to book their stag do with us. We have hosted some legendary bachelor parties across Europe for so many of you this summer and we cannot wait to do it again. If you, or some of your friends, find yourself planning a bachelor party, we would love to work with you – visit our website to see what we have to offer.

Some of you probably travelled to some cool places and tried some new things – if you tried something that would be a great fit for a bachelor party, please let us know and we will look into adding the activity and possibly the destination to our network. Please send your experiences to


Popular Destination
Prague (Czech Republic)

The Czech capital does not need to much introduction as it has been among Europe’s top bachelor party destinations for ages. From our clients that partied in Prague before we keep hearing it is among the best places to go for a stag do or a fun weekend. Although the city is known for great nightlife and beautiful girls, there is so much to do for any type of traveler. Whether you are visiting Prague for a stag do or looking for a great city to spend a weekend in, we hope the tips below will help you with your planning and lead to some unforgettable memories.

For All Cities:

  • Best Area to stay in – Old Town – you will be minutes away from great nightlife, shopping, and famous landmarks. This place is amazing for morning run or romantic evening walks.
  • Unique tourist attraction – Strahov Monastery and Library – this famous landmark is located within walking distance of the Prague Castle. If you are interested in architecture, this place is a must visit while in Prague.
  • Local food to try – Svickova – beef sirloin in a creamy vegetable sauce with dumplings.
  • Best Month to visit – Spring or early Fall – you will enjoy mild weather and the city will be less crowded than during the main summer tourist season.
  • Unique event – Prague Spring International Music Competition – this annual music competition takes place in May/June and offers various talented musicians.
  • Signature drink – Absinthe – until early 2000s, this drink was only allowed in some countries. Czech Republic has history of producing it, so why not try when you visit Prague?
  • What not to do– Avoid exchanging money on the street – in the city center, you will likely find people offering to exchange money on a street corner. Do avoid this – it is a scam. Instead, go to official exchange places outside of the city center.
  • Best city view point – Letna Park – this park offers incredible views of various famous Czech landmarks. And it is a reasonable walking distance from the city center.
  • Best Rooftop Bar – Cloud 9 Sky Bar – This popular stylish bar is located on top of Hilton hotel and offers great views of Prague – especially after dark.